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Get out in Nature

Our guides will take you on safe hikes in the varied terrain of Porosalmi. On a guided walk you can enjoy clean and fresh air, beautiful landscapes and learn something new. A hike in the forest is calming, refreshing and makes you feel good. It is proved that being in nature contributes to your physical and mental wellbeing in many ways.
Choose from different theme walks. The guide adjusts the speed and length of the walk depending on the physical condition of the participants. Start the walk in Järvisydän or Porosalmi. Book a guided walk from our sales office!

Reload in Nature –refreshing walk

Our local nature guide will take you on an easy walk in the forests of Porosalmi. On this walk you have time to enjoy nature and reload. This program is suitable for adults as well as children. Available April-October Group size 2-50 persons. Duration 1,5-2 hours. Wear outdoor clothes according to the weather.

Price: 25€/ person, min. 250 €/group

Get out in Nature - workout

Our guide will take you on a brisk walk / run and instruct strength exercises in the forest using what the wood has to offer as equipment! The exercises can be adjusted to your fitness level. Available throughout the year.  Dress according to the weather conditions. Group size 2-30 persons

Price: 20€/ person, min. 250 €

"You are what you eat"– Wild Food Walk

Finnish nature is known for its thousands of lakes and vast forests. In this clean environment you can find some of the greatest superfood in the world. Berries, wild mushrooms, herbs, wild vegetables, fish and game. On our superfood excursion you will get to know some of the Finnish superfoods, where you can find it and how it tastes.
Our nature guide will take the group into the forest to pick wild food of the season. On the way we make several picking and tasting stops. In the end the guide prepares a super picnic of the season. The guide will also tell you about the health benefits of these wild foods. In the cafeteria you can also buy Finnish wild food products to take home with you. Duration 2-3 hours. Group size 2-20 persons. Available in August-September

Price: 45 €/person, min 360 €/group incl. guidance and picnic

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